Mark Smith, PhD LCSW: Your Trusted Therapist


When You Need a Shoulder to Lean On
Trust Clinical Consulting Services Miami, FL

When everyday life becomes too overwhelming or you just want someone to talk to about your emotions or sensitive personal issues, an experienced counselor can be an extremely valuable resource. Mark Smith, PhD LCSW at Clinical Consulting Services, Miami, FL is one such counselor who specializes in working with children and adolescentsLGBT individuals and those going through major transitions or recovering from traumatic events. Don’t struggle to get through the day alone—call Dr. Smith at (954) 529-8400 now.

Wondering if We're a

If you’re interested in the counseling services provided by Mark Smith, PhD LCSW at Clinical Consulting Services in Miami, but you want to be sure you’re comfortable opening up to him before coming in for a session, we’ve got you covered.

Before sitting down with you for the first time, Dr. Smith will conduct a phone interview meant to be as informative for him as it is for you. He’ll get a feel for your situation while you get an understanding of what he can do for you. If both of you feel comfortable moving forward, you’ll be able to schedule your first sit-down session and meet face-to-face.

Most patients come in for 3-5 sessions before they feel their issue has been sufficiently addressed and are ready to move forward. Of course, Dr. Smith is always available to provide his services whenever you need them.

To get started on the path to happiness and understanding, call the Clinical Consulting Services office in Miami, FL today.