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Children/Adolescents Counseling

When you’re young, discovering and accepting your identity can be a confusing, frustrating time – but it doesn’t have to be. Discuss your situation with a trained counselor to receive the guidance you need.

Man And Woman During Couple Therapy

Life Transition Counseling

Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll march through a myriad of life transitions, whether it be starting a new job or having children. Voice your thoughts to a counselor to better cope with the situation.


Trauma Counseling

Traumatic events can have a lasting effect on how you view yourself and the world around you. If you’ve recently been through a life-altering event, seek support from a counselor you can trust.

psychiatrist examining a male patient

LGBT Counseling

If you need couples counseling, you’re struggling with your identity or you just want a sounding board for your thoughts, the helpful guidance of an experienced counselor can help you find a resolution.